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It's Kind of a Funny Story ist eine US-amerikanische Tragikomödie von Anna Boden und Ryan Fleck. Der Film basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Buch von Ned. IT`S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY, das ist es. Und sollte man durchaus ernst nehmen. Auch wenn Ärzte, Patienten und sonstiges Rumgehopse es mir schwer​. Deutsche TV-Premiere: Sky Cinema. Originalsprache: Englisch. Alternativtitel: It's Kind of a Funny Story. DVD und Blu-ray; Streams; Sendetermine. Young lad is struggling with his anxieties, insists he should have the superfluous residential treatment where of IT`S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY, das ist es. It's Kind of a Funny Story ein Film von Ryan Fleck und Anna Boden mit Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis. Inhaltsangabe: Craig (Keir Gilchrist) ist ziemlich.

it’s kind of a funny story

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We had different names for different projects but if you looked on the credits it was always me and Cevin or maybe a few other people.

Initially Plateau was created because going back to the late 90s again I was really influenced by Detroit electronic music and I wanted to do something that was more stripped down more minimal so we were just playing around with drum machines.

There was very little going on in that first Plateau record, it was made very quickly and there were a couple of songs I had done in my own studio that ended up on that record but primarily it consisted of these kind of electronic jams that took place in the studio.

So Plateau felt like an excuse to put out the weirder, whatever sort of stuff that we would do. But then project Plateau began to evolve on its own.

I was never really happy with that first record, to me it was missing some fundamental mysteriousness that Detroit elec- tronic music had.

We decided for the second Plateau record to go a little bit further into a work ethic. I think the second Plateau record was more developed and began to sound a bit more like a real project.

I think our attitude has changed. We did those two in the same sessions and made the decisions afterwards.

It involves me tak- ing two months at least maybe three months to go to Los Angeles and re- ally get into the work. I know we both really want to do another one and we are going to do some shows this month in Russia and Europe.

You mention touring. I had the honor of attending Beyondfest a couple of years ago in Toronto. Again I recall this giddy teenage excitement remember- ing coming down the stairs of the bar and hearing the beats and just getting really excited about the music and every band playing that night was just so great.

And then suddenly there was this man, or rather, green Martian lady, all in green makeup and that was you!

PW : [laughs] That was me! Yeah that was an afterthought. I do live sound as one of my jobs in Vancouver and I mix a lot of bands and every now and again you get electronic artists and they show up and they consist of a laptop and a controller.

A couple of the shows involved costuming, and then the show in Vancouver involved actually bringing the entire studio on the stage and it was quite a spectacle of equipment.

We also had Tim Hill do a massive install of projections at that show. To me if you are going to use a laptop as the main source of your material, you need to compensate for that by creating an event, somehow.

When we were out of town in Chicago and Toronto our options were limited. So it was like okay, costuming, at least then I can engage with the audience in a different way.

We did it three times and by the third time I was like okay, this is feeling kind of stupid. I could not agree more on the guy with a laptop thing.

Sometimes people can pull it off completely and get away with it just because of the sheer presence of the music or the individual.

And sometimes people really strike out to make a visual impact like the green lady. I also noticed at Beyondfest that a lot of amazing video was being played as part of the performance?

For in- stance it depends on the degree of ce- lebrity? Also doing live sound I see so many amazing shows it inspires a desire to do something extra.

Any plans for an album or a tour? My life has gone up and down in such crazy ways over years. The input for the songs on the new album Laborandum, was that chosen by Rustblade or did you carefully craft this compilation yourself?

PW : They told me a few of the songs they wanted to be on there and then I chose the rest. I did a compila- tion myself a couple of years ago that was double disc that pulled from all of the albums.

So from the compilation from a couple of years ago it was just as varied as the solo albums had been.

Stefano told me he was going to release a couple of versions of it, one was going to be a sort of bonus version of it and the other was going to be an ultra limited bonus version.

So I created a four song EP the non- limited bonus disc and then I created an eight-song mini LP for the really limited one.

So people who buy the really limited one will get twelve new songs as well as the compilation. That would probably be sometime next year.

Is that a new song? PW : That is a new song. How it does will be an indicator of what I can expect. One of the sequences reminds me a lot of that song.

You mentioned you have this sort of purist approach to electronic music. What are your thoughts on that and do you even identify with genres?

But in terms of over the long span of history of electronic music or modern electronic music, going back to say acid house back in the late eighties, everything sounds recycled and distilled from what came before.

Not too much comes along that sounds new. People are getting really good at using effects and sound design and space to create a pretty epic sounding thing.

Barriers are being put up and mosh pits are forming and people are pumping their fists in the air and really if you look at the crowd you could be at a Van Halen concert.

Things that have excited me lately have not had anything to do with electronic music. Some of the artists that I really really like, like Spectrum or Sonic Boom where they have been around for a long time and they have such character in their sound.

What are you listening to right now, these days? I still love listening to Spacemen 3, and these are bands that I named dropped as my favorites fifteen years ago and so nothing has changed but I try really hard to keep listening and developing a taste for new stuff.

But it takes quite a lot for me to form the relationship with the music now. For me you form a relationship with a record by listening to it several times and really developing that relationship with it.

Some of my favorite music is based around one note and it kind of drones on for fifteen minutes. I went record shopping the other day and I ended up buying a bunch of reissues.

I get to go to the record store and go record shopping and actually find stuff that was out of print for so long.

I bought the new album by The Fall. I listen to a lot of bands, guitar based music, I listen to a lot of ambient and abstract, avant-garde music.

You mention the really obscure stuff, I myself remember as a kid record shop- ping and remember it was sort of a competition trying to find the coolest obscure bands.

That seems to still be a real trend today, nothing really has changed. PW : Yeah we did a Salem show here and I thought they were really good.

I bought their record. Aesthetically those bands fit into my already pre determined tastes. You can even keep going further back, and go into the sixties sort of experimental avant-garde and be seeking out really weird obscure stuff.

He was al ready get t i ng recogni t i on before t he drop of hi s debut al bum from vari ous si ngl es and a sl ew of remi xes for t he l i kes of Lady Gaga and Kat y Parry.

The musi c i s st i l l j ust house, al bei t wel l produced. I suggest l yi ng out i n t he sun wi t h t hi s al bum on and forget t i ng al l your deadl i nes and t roubl es for an hour or so.

The first mi x shows off a si de of BT new t o many as he adept l y mi xes sounds of el ect ro, dubst ep, breaks, progressi ve, and hi p hop.

The second mi x i s more i n l i ne wi t h what one woul d expect from BT, a col l ec- t i on of euphori c songs t hat skew t oward progressi ve and t rance.

Thi s i s a great duo of mi xes for summer part i es, dri ves, and warm st arry ni ght s. Yes i t has been ni ne years but Wi sh Upon a Bl ackst ar has been rel eased i n a seri es of chapt ers t hat st art ed i n Cel l dwel l er i s pri mari l y el ect roni c rock t hat pul l s i n sub genres t o spi ce t hi ngs up, from drum n base, dubst ep, even some house el ement s.

Fans from back i n t he day shoul d put i n t hei r heari ng ai ds and check t hi s out. Whereas :Wumpscut: i s consi st ent, he st i l l manages t o remai n current and Women and Sat an Fi rst i s a t ri but e t o t hi s achi evement.

The programmi ng i s al so very i nt erest i ng, l ayeri ng sounds i n dreamy t ext ures t hat are dance floor fri endl y one mo- ment, gray and ambi ent t he next.

When t he songs are good, t hey are very good. But t oo oft en THITH sounds l i ke a band wi t h an i dent i t y cri si s, wi t h t racks j umpi ng abrupt l y from one i dea t o t he next for no rhyme or reason.

Here i s a pseudo-i ndust ri al romp. Here i s somet hi ng of a bal l ad. Here i s ambi ence. Have some t echno.

Taken as a col l ect i on of si ngl es, t here are some great moment s on here. Laborandum i s a compi l at i on of mat eri al West ern produced under hi s name as wel l as hi s Kone moni ker.

Thi s i s a chance t o check up a col l ect i on of sol o mat eri al, some rare and some out of pri nt.

The great t hi ng about t hi s compi l at i on i s t hat i t al l ows you t o hear and fami l i ari ze Cdataki l l - Battl ewor n rel eased by Hymen Records on 19 Apri l dat a : 5t h al bum.

I find mysel f wonderi ng where has t hi s band been al l of my l i fe? As a noob t o t he band t he t hi ng t hat st ri kes i mmedi at el y i s t he amazi ng bl end of musi cal st yl es, some- t i mes at odds but for some reason, al l grace- ful l y col l aborat i ng i nt o one sound.

There are el ement s of j ungl e, IDM, hardcore, and even el ement s of dubst ep, met al, and count ry. It al l get s t hrown i nt o a bl ender of deep sequences, di rt y bass, and dark overt ones.

For exampl e, pl ayi ng around wi t h sampl es from Johnny Cash i s a bol d and ri sky move. I can see t hi s al bum havi ng a very wi de appeal.

The songs show off a vari et y of i nfluences from, and l ove for, t echno, psychedel i c, gl i t ch and IDM. Hi s songs are mel odi c, compl exl y mul t i -l ayered, and desi gned wi t h great nuance and subt l et y.

They show an amazi ng ski l l t o bui l d off of a synt h drone or basi c drum pat t ern and evol ve i nt o i mpossi bl y preci se and beaut i ful pi eces of musi c.

The addi t i ons and flouri shes of mel ody, sounds, and vocal sampl es are al l equal l y beaut i ful and nuanced as t he core el ement s of t he songs.

Every l i st en you can focus on a new area and pi ck up new sounds. I recent l y had t hi s on whi l e dri vi ng Washi ngt on al ong Puget Sound and found t he musi c t o be t he perfect compl i ment.

Deschanel, I must confess t hat, unt i l recent l y, I had vi rt ual l y no knowl edge of your exi st ence. Wai t, WHAT?! Oh dear god Whi ch i s where we met.

And met agai n. And agai n. Seri ousl y, whoever al l owed t hese i Phone commerci al s t o ai r wi t h such frequency shoul d have t hei r geni t al s devoured by hyenas.

Preferabl y t he ones from The Li on Ki ng, for maxi mum emot i onal di ssonance and bonus Di sney raci sm!

But I di gress. I hat e t o dump on someone for t hei r nat ural appearance, but shi t, I know sungl asses exi st!

Fuck i t, go ful l on Ri ddi ck and get some wel di ng goggl es, t hen never t ake t hem off. Is t hi s what peopl e find at t ract i ve now?!

I know you can see i t t hrough t he wi ndow wi t h your t wi n Eyes of Sauron! Worry not, Zoey. You j i t t erbug out of t he room wi t h gl eeful abandon, t hrashi ng and cont ort i ng yoursel f l i ke a del et ed scene from The Exorci st.

Fade t o bl ack. But t o summari ze: You l ook l i ke a Henry Sel i ck creat i on got Fi resi de Chat wi t h Zoey Deschanel by Adam Rosi na 21 gangbanged by t he ent i re art i st i c out put of t he manga i ndust ry, t hen shot up wi t h l i qui d rai nbows and l oosed upon t he worl d.

And t he fact t hat you i nsi st on paradi ng yoursel f around i nst ead of di vi ng under a pi l e of oi l y rags and never comi ng out i s a t est ament t o your arrogance, or at l east your desi re t o wat ch t he human race wi l l ful l y bl i nd i t sel f i n prot est and di sgust.

I do, however, honest l y bel i eve t hat you found out about Aspergers and t hought i t was a l i fest yl e choi ce.

Inst ead of t hrowi ng money at medi cal research or vol unt eeri ng l i ke a reasonabl e human, you t hought i t l ooked pret t y neat and deci ded t o be an earl y adopt er.

Then ya marri ed i t wi t h t hi s cal cul at ed t hri ft -st ore chi c aest het i c and undeserved i ndi e gi rl swagger and vi ol a!

The const ruct t hat i s Zoey Deschanel i s compl et e, so ut t erl y naked i n i t s art i fici al i t y and i nsi nceri t y t hat we few pri mat es st i l l capabl e of hi gher t hi nk- i ng can onl y see you for what you are.

You are t o hi pst ers what Ol i vi a Munn i s t o gamers. And your act i ng fucki ng sucks, t oo. Just do i t. Magi ckal theory di ctates that the pendul um of karma shal l swi ng back at hi m and cl eave three-fol d, but sti l l Adam stands, powerful l y drunk, drugged, and al - most certai nl y mad, twi n mi ddl e fingers extended and not a si ngl e fuck gi ven.

BLACK THEOREM Adam Rosi na, aka The Angri est Cri t i c, cut s a swat he t hr ough pol i t i cs, pop cul t ure, subcul t ure, and soci et y at l arge wi t h t he sur gi cal pr eci si on one woul d expect of a doubl e- bi t bat t l e- axe f or ged i n t he f i r es of hel l - bor n i nsani t y.

Joi n hi m as he makes some j okes al ong t he way and gazes i nt o t he abyss i n Bl ack Theorem.

In hi s si de proj ect, Lot us Pl aza, he i s firml y at t he hel m, pl ayi ng, programmi ng, and per- formi ng al l of t he i nst rument s.

The i nst rument s and vocal s are drenched i n reverb and del ay, and bui l d around si mpl e, mi ni mal i st figures t hat repeat and bui l d i nt o hypnot i c pat t erns.

The songs al so fol l ow si mpl e, t radi t i onal pop song Sui ci de I nsi de - Homi ci de rel eased by Al fa Mat ri x on 27 Apri l dat a : 4t h al bum.

It fil l s your st omach wi t h nervous but - t erfli es t hat t he aut hori t i es wi l l bust i n and rui n your day at any moment or even worse a ghost of a crushed fact ory worker i s goi ng t o ki l l you.

Let t he pansy t at t ooed asses l i st en t o t hei r dark fol k musi c or over-processed dubst ep crap, you are goi ng t o be l i st eni ng t o t hi s dynami c al bum t hat i s bot h refined yet brut al l y raw!

It i s dark and hard wi t h pl ent y of l ayered ef- fect s t hat real l y dri ve i t home. Sui ci de Insi de managed t o make an al bum t hat i s i mposi ng and not vul gar.

On a hot summer day you can st and out from t he crowd by bl ast i ng i t whi l e weari ng al l bl ack wi t h bl ack sungl asses, bl ack mi l i t ary boot s, whi l e cursi ng around i n your bl ack car wi t h onl y bl ack and whi t e bumper st i ckers and not feel l i ke a t ool.

Ti mewave : Zero st art s out st rong wi t h a dramat i c, ci nemat i c prel ude and l aunches i nt o a seri es of pumpi ng cl ub fri endl y songs t hat fans of Grendel ol d and new wi l l l ove.

The al bum i s armed wi t h agro modul at ed vox and dramat i c sampl es of Orsen Wel l es narrat i on of t he document ary Fut ure Shock.

And when i t comes t o Grendel, woul d we have i t any ot her way? The onl y breaki ng ground here are t he ext remel y 90s femal e pop vocal s on Deep Wat ers.

Overal l t he energy and pol i sh of Ti mewave : Zero i s such t hat fol l owers of puri st new i ndust ri al wi l l be pl eased by t he machi ne made musi cal vi be of t hi s excel l ent edi t i on t o t he Grendel di scography.

The al bum t i t l e borrows i t s name, for t hose not fami l i ar, from a famous Ei nst ei n quot e about hi s i nabi l i t y t o expl ai n a phenomenon i n quant um physi cs.

Far from bei ng abl e t o unt angl e t he myst eri es of t he uni verse or t heori es of rel at i vi t y, t he al bum nonet hel ess woul d probabl y make a great compani on t o a Carl Sagan or St ephen Hawki ng document ary.

Hi ghl y recommended. What about the present moment inspired you to prioritize Orgy once again, and how do you feel its brand will differ or stay the same from its previous incarnations?

Seven years. As for the branding situation, I have always embraced change as far as my musi- cal endeavors go.

I may not have been on the radar this entire time, but I did a lot of genre hopping and whatnot during that period of my life.

I just never felt like anything I was writing was gonna be suitable for an Orgy release, so I shifted gears and tried to mess around with different ways to approach this part of my career.

It all worked out for the best though. Orgy has been known not only for its music but also for its style, which has been unique among other bands in its genre.

What specific designers or brands inspire you these days? JG : The same ones that used to inspire me back in the day.

Gucci will always be Gucci, and so on. How is that either more or less gratifying than being a frontman? JG : I love both, but they are different beasts.

Both are good. What songs and artists would we be likely to hear you spin? JG : Well, most likely not my own band.

JG : Orgy has always been about change, and electronic music. I think it is only a natural progression to fuse what I do with what other EDM artists do.

I am curious too. Will there be a tour when the new album is com- pleted? JG : Well, as far as the band goes, we plan on heading back out on tour in July.

We will have the single out in June, and if all goes as planned, that should take care of getting the band and the brand revived.

Hey man, they started that shit. Totally natural. I only wish my experience at a Rammstein show had been as dangerous! Though they did stain my silk Agent Provocateur lingerie with their soap bubble cannon.

Anyway, moving on. How do you feel about being labeled a sex symbol? JG : Wow. Uh, sexy? If you could give all our female readers any generalized relationship advice from your own perspective, what would you tell them?

Kelly, meaning the closet is a place for jackets, not skeletons that come out to haunt you later. I mean we all have some fantasies, and whatnot, and we men are not all retarded, and can probably accept you for who you really are, if given the opportunity to do so.

Show and tell. JG : I like to get really wasted and drive around naked. I would have to say acquiring new equipment or shopping for clothes.

Boring right? That would be a lie though. I hate blow! It was a fun and lively show mixing comedy and food. Where else do you find inspiration with regards to cooking recipes for the show?

Can you tell us about your food correspondents and the roles they play within the show? Most of the time he ends up talking about himself instead of a spice or herb but we bear with it.

And then we have Hans, our scantily clad food correspondent who is our resident nutritionist. He gives us all the health details while greased up and shirtless.

What is your personal favorite dish? I gotta say, I love fried chicken with maple syrup all over it. What is the dish you consider most enter- taining to make?

And you can be inspired by any- thing for the sauce! So you can have like a curry sauce, go a little more traditional with tomato and whatever vegetable you want to throw in there, maybe some pancetta.

What food could you not live without? What is your current food crush? NG : Chilies. You can make a del i ci ous cheesecake and j ust mi nce up a l i t t l e bi t of habanera.

Here every tone and gesture prognosis the significance with the audience. Good Morning to all of you. There are about 37 speeches in Urdu language.

Behtareen Inami Taqreerain Urdu book is useful for those people who want to write on subjects either in English or Urdu language.

Besides subjects and speeches, this book has a lot of information and knowledge as well. Tera kya ho ga kaliya - YouTube.

Skip navigation Sign in. Image result for funny speech in urdu. Younus Butt who is a well known Urdu comedian author and funny Urdu script writer.

Giving a speech is not an easy task anyway, but giving a humorous one can seem downright impossible! So, try these topics as an inspirational starting point.

Understanding the principal purpose of your speech. Is the primary goal of your speech to be funny or is it to impart knowledge with humor?

Unless you are a stand-up comedian, the main purpose of your speech is probably to give your message in an entertaining way, which will include humor.

Ayesha Saleem 1, views. Great funny speeches how to get the laughter you want. Funny Speech ever in urdu punjab university video.

I gotta say, I love fried chicken with maple syrup all over it. The pieces in the collection were designed to transform not only how the wearer looks, but how they feel, their attitudes impossible 5 imdb mission empowering their self-image. He was always happy to talk and take pictures with his read more. Anything Tim Burton. This show go here some of the most interesting menswear of the entire week with see more, yet masculine styles that could appeal to any man regardless of his style preferences.

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story Inhaltsverzeichnis

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It’s Kind Of A Funny Story Wo kann man diesen Film schauen?

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It’s Kind Of A Funny Story Video

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